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Above and to the right  you will find a picture of a guy that is madly in love with his bikes and all the different roads he has travelled. Whilst eagerly waiting for the next unexplored route towards the horizon he wants to share his Adventure skills!!

Rony Desodt has done more than 1000 000 km’s since the first time he got on a bike, he has travelled the southern African continent all over and is very familiar with the less travelled roads in and around South Africa, the places he knows the best are that of Baviaanskloof, Cederberg, Sani Pass, Namibia, Verneukpan and the Northern Cape.

He has taken his bike down Van Zyl’s Pass in Namibia four times already, a place few like to tread …and the list goes on. Rony does not like tar and you may somewhere on a trip find him sleeping in his full kit rather than in a sleeping bag! Rony has completed almost every course offered by Country Trax, once South Africa’s official BMW training facility and has done the advanced course at BMW Hechlingen in Germany twice and once with Country Trax South Africa.

In his vocabulary, tar is a swear word and if it was that there was a gravel road between his house and the office, he would rather go that way.

Rony has in the past assisted in many training courses, so he knows what the important aspects are and added his experiences to the curriculum and knows very well how to convey this to his students. The courses and training days he has put together are concentrating on specific needs an individual may have and varies from Introductory to Intermediate level or a combination of these. Specific advanced training can be booked. Trip planning and discussions will also be part of the course.

The training will be safe and safety will be the main area he will concentrate on, no one will be forced or allowed to do anything out of his or her comfort zone. Other experienced riders and instructors are drawn in to assist during these sessions.

A typical training day will start at 8:30am and aims to finish no later than 16:00pm. Some courses are multi-day events and take place in one of the most beautiful environments merely a hundred kilometres outside of Cape Town or Port Elizabeth!

An “outride” with some surprises closes each day!

Video of training made by student

This is not how its done

Training date's

At Nelson Creek Wine Estate (Wellington)

Introduction Course R750.00

Sat 09 September 2017
Sat 18 November 2017

Introduction to sand Course  R750.00

Having attended and completed an intro or level 1 course will be of great help.

Sun 10 September 2017
Sun 19 November 2017

Intermediate Course   R3300.00

Fri 24 November till Sun 26 November 2017

At Jumper's Place (Willowmore)

Introduction Course R700.00

Sat 28 October 2017

Introduction to sand Course  R700.00

Having attended and completed an intro or level 1 course will be of great help.

Sun 29 October 2017

Intermediate Course   R3000.00

NEW !! Advanced riders only!!
Held at "Otter's Creek" Elands rivier Patentie

Training with a twist   R3600.00

Fri 15 September till Sun 17 September 2017

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To book now or and more information, contact us at  bookings@roughandready.co.za

Note!  We are registered for Value added tax (Vat), invoice available!

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